Tournament Rules

  1. The Big D Classic is an USBC certified tournament. The tournament is a mixed handicap competition open to men and women by invitation only. Therefore, the Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse any application. Space is limited to 46 teams/184 bowlers. Teams will consist of 4 members, any mix of men and women. Partial entries will be accepted as long as they can be accommodated.
  2. Bowlers will hold harmless Big D Classic and Plano Super Bowl from anything resulting from potential exposure to COVID-19. All bowlers must sign and agree to abide by the tournament rules on their registration form before participating.
  3. Averages, Handicap, & Scores:
    1. Handicap for the Tournament shall be based on 90% of the difference between the bowler’s scratch average and 230. Negative handicap will not apply.
    2. Only 10-pin averages can be used.
  4. Any bowler entering the Big D Classic must use a ten-pin average acceptable to USBC. Use the first applicable rule below to determine the entering average:
    1. Bowlers with both a USBC sanctioned 2023-24 Standard Composite book average (minimum 21 games) and a current one year rolling IGBO Tournament Database (TAD) average (minimum 9 games) will enter with a composite of these two averages. For example, USBC Standard Composite Average is 185 with 99 games, TAD average is 180 with 36 games, the composite average is calculated as follows: [(185x99)+(180x36)] / [99+36] = 183. Resulting average is truncated.
    2. All other bowlers must submit the following averages if available. The highest of these will be used.
      1. IGBO TAD average (minimum 27 games for current one year rolling period).
      2. USBC sanctioned 2023-24 Standard Composite book average (minimum of 21 games).
      3. USBC sanctioned 2022-23 Standard Composite book average (minimum of 21 games).
      4. If none of these averages are available, a USBC sanctioned summer 2024 league average will be considered; number of games must be submitted. Bowlers with an average from a non-sanctioned league must submit a complete average list from all leagues bowled, including number of games, and a secretary signed letter or league sheet from the league with the bowler’s highest average. In addition, all tournament scores (IGBO and non-IGBO) may be requested for bowlers using average rule 3.B.
    3. If none of the above is available, then the entering average shall be 230.
    4. Averages will be verified on the database. Correct USBC number must be provided on entry form. Any averages that are unavailable or inaccurate on this site must be noted in the comments section of entry form, with separate verification provided by the league secretary (letter or standing sheet). Any bowlers with multiple USBC numbers in the past five years or have averages with both right and left hands must make this clear in the comments section of the online entry form or send an email to the director. It is the entrant’s responsibility to review for accuracy and notify tournament officials of any inaccurate information. If an entrant fails to do so, all prize monies and side pot monies won prior to payout will be forfeited.
    5. Bowlers who have qualified for cash and/or merchandise prize(s) of $1000 or more in the position standings prize list in any event in any bowling tournament during the past 12-month period must report the following:
      1. Name(s) of tournament(s) and date(s) when prize(s) was/were won.
      2. Actual scores bowled – all games including optional events.
      3. Prize position(s).
      4. Amount or value of prize(s).
      5. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of entry fee and prize winnings.

    6. USBC permits the tournament manager to assign an average higher than minimum average prior to participation (USBC Rule 319b). A bowler’s average may be adjusted upward before the entrant bowls. If the bowler, upon registering, does not accept the assigned average, he/she is entitled to a refund of the entry fee.
  5. Each entrant must be a member of USBC and provide proof of membership and certification number on the entry form. Proof of membership in the 2023-24 season (sanction card or renewal receipt) should be made available during tournament registration. Non-members shall pay a Participation Fee of $5.00 (USBC Rule 301b).

    Each entrant must be an IGBO member for the 2023-24 season, which includes anyone who has bowled in an IGBO-sanctioned league. Otherwise, entrant must be a current IGBO Associate member or pay the IGBO Associate Membership Fee of $25 to join.

  6. Each participant shall bowl three (3) games per event and must enter all events. Bowlers are allowed only one entry per event in Singles, Doubles, and Team. Doubles/Partnerships must come from the same team. Men and women will compete on an equal basis. Team and Doubles Partnerships may consist of any combination of men and women.
  7. Late bowlers will begin in the frame in which they are ready to begin bowling. A “zero” score will be entered in each frame missed.
  8. Bowlers will be allowed ten (10) minutes of practice per event unless they are late. Late bowlers will forfeit practice time for the shift.
  9. Substitutes will be allowed to participate at the Tournament Director’s discretion.
  10. Entry fee is $120.00 per bowler. The official entry deadline is Wednesday, July 31, 2024. All registration and payment are made online at Send any necessary documentation via email to
  11. Full payment of fees must accompany entries. All payments are online through Stripe. Credit and debit cards are accepted and processed through this website. An entry is not considered official until full payment is received.
  12. Entry fees, once received, will not be refunded unless at the Tournament Director's discretion.
  13. Optional Individual Scratch Competition. The tournament is offering two optional scratch events – Traditional Scratch and Scratch Shoot Out. The five Scratch Divisions for both optional events are as follows:
    • Division A: 205 average and up
    • Division B: 190-204 average
    • Division C: 175-189 average
    • Division D: 155-174 average
    • Division E: 0-154 average
    1. Traditional Scratch. The entry fee for this optional event is $20. Payout ratio will be no less than 1:10 for the following awards: high scratch game, high scratch series, and high scratch all events. All 9 games are considered to determine winners. Payout will be 100% per Division.
    2. Scratch Shoot Out. The entry fee for this optional event is based on Division as follows: Division A - $50, Division B - $40, Division C - $40, Division D - $30, Division E - $30.

      Scratch Shoot Out qualifiers are determined based on the 9-game scratch total pins bowled in singles, doubles, and team. With a minimum of 20 entries in the division, the top 8 bowlers in each Division will advance to the Scratch Shoot Out competition on Sunday after team event. If there is a tie for the last qualifying position, a 9th and 10th frame roll off will be held for bowlers that tied. The Shoot Out will consist of four separate cuts. All 8 competitors in each Division will bowl two games on two pairs of lanes, switching pairs after game one, and the 4 bowlers with the lowest 2-game total pins will be eliminated from competition. The remaining 4 bowlers will bowl one game on the left pair of lanes, and bowlers with the lowest 2 scores will be eliminated. The remaining 2 bowlers will bowl one game on the right pair of lanes to determine the Champion and 2nd place winner.

      If there are 14-19 entries in a division, the top 6 bowlers will qualify for the Scratch Shoot Out (cutting to 4 the first round); 8-13 entries, the top 4 bowlers will qualify for the Scratch Shootout (cutting to 2 the first round and eliminating the second round); 4-7 entries, the top 2 bowlers will qualify for the Scratch Shootout (eliminating the last two rounds, 2-game total pins to determine winner).

  14. A completed entry into the tournament consists of the following:
    1. Completed Online Entry Form on
    2. Appropriate fees paid online in U.S. funds via the Stripe link provided online after the registration form is submitted.
    3. If required, any additional average verification information must be submitted. This is the case when has incomplete information for one or more leagues, or is incorrect in some way. Please scan documents and email to
  15. Each event has its own Prize List. There will be 100% cash return on all prize fees. The payout ratio will be 1:8, except for Individual All Events, which only the top three (3) positions will be paid. Payouts will occur within thirty (30) days of tournament completion through a mailed check to the winner’s registration address.
  16. Premature termination or interruption of the tournament brought about by war, national or local disaster/emergency, health pandemic, or emergency causes relating to or from fire, natural disaster, or any other reason beyond the control of Big D Classic committee shall cause, to the extent required thereby, all advertised prizes guaranteed or otherwise, to be pro-rated in accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled in each of the respective events up to the time of such termination.
  17. Tournament Dates: August 9th, 10th, and 11th 2024. All events will be held at Plano Super Bowl, 2521 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074. Phone: 972-881-0242.
  18. Entry Fee Break Down: $120 per bowler (Prize Fund $66, Lineage $31.50, IGBO Fee $2, Awards/Food/Expenses $20.50).
  19. Rules subject to change upon 2024 USBC sanction approval. Any rule changes will be posted at registration.
  20. Equipment Rule: Bowling balls must be USBC approved and drilled meeting all USBC requirements. Any bowling balls banned by USBC from National events, but are still sanctioned/approved for league and other tournaments, are allowed to be used in this tournament.